We are very proud to be a bilingual preschool since august 2015. We are the first preschool in Botkyrka community that offers English as spoken language.


To believe in your own ability, is incredibly important. It feeds independence, accountability and from that grows high self esteem. It brings out feelings as I am important, I have self worth, I have faith in my own ability.

These concepts become real for the children in many ways, for example through play, song, movement, togetherness, role play, creativeness and during the Montessori activities. We see the Montessori philosophy method as a tool, an opportunity for the children to explore and learn how to master what they wish to know. We know how to use the children’s natural force of being curious and wanting to learn. “Teach me how to do it myself” is the foundation of the Montessori philosophy and there for the foundation for our preschool.

We teachers are there for the children. The preschool is our place where we show the children the way in the process of learning.
In a calm suburb of Stockholm, Tumba( Storvreten), lies our preschool with three departments.

We are a private alternative, with small groups of children and educated teachers.

We follow the same rate as public preschools.
NEW! We are very proud to be a bilingual preschool from August 2015. We are the first preschool in Botkyrka council that are biligual. The two spoken languages is english and swedish and we offer both languages from 1 years of age.



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