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The Montessori children´s preschool in Tumba is owned by the company Montessori children’s preschools and schools in Botkyrka corp.
The company’s purpose is to conduct preschool and school practices for children within Botkyrka council with the Montessori philosophy as a working method.
Botkyrka council sets the financial limits which determines how the operation can be run.
Our budget is focused on giving the children and staff the best working condition and well being as possible.
Our dream is that the Montessori method will be offered as an alternative to more children in Botkyrka council. Right now there is only Montessori preschools in south Botkyrka.
In our 5 year plan we intend to start a Montessori preschool in north Botkyrka.
Today there is no one hundred percent Montessori school for the children to start after their preschool years. Through all years we have been around we have noticed an increase in the demand and that more parents are intrigued with our working methods.
In our 10 year plan we intend to start one of the first Montessori schools in Botkyrka.




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Montessorichildren´s preschool in Tumba